Flash MX Creating Invisible Buttons
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Let the page load before scrolling (there's a few movies down below)


In the following tutorial we'll make an invisible button (we'll make it a link in the next tutorial)


This .fla file has three layers (yours may have more)


Create a new layer by clicking on the Insert Layer icon


Rename it (get in the habit of naming your layers)


Insert a keyframe (F6) where you want your invisible button to "appear"


Use the appropriate tool to create the button's shape

Be sure to select NO STROKE (the fill color doesn't matter since it will not be visible)


Draw your button's shape as is shown in the following movie


Select the object with the Arrow Tool, convert it into a button symbol (F8), and name it


The button's outline will now be turquoise (indicating that it's a symbol)

Double-click on the button to edit it


Drag the first keyframe to the hit state as shown in the following movie

This makes the Hit state the ONLY active state


Return to Scene 1 and notice that the button is now a solid turquoise (an indication of invisibility)

Click the arrow to play the movie


If you also moved the button, Command-Z to undo the move


And here's what we'll learn to do next:

Go ahead and click it (it's a link)



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