Flash MX Linking with Invisible Buttons
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Continued from this tutorial


Select the keyframe in the Invisible Button layer

Click back on the button if you happened to click anywhere else


The Properties Panel will reflect that the button is currently selected


Click in the text box, give your button instance a name, and hit Return


Press F9 to bring up the Actions Panel and open the Browser/Network folder


The getURL action is the one we want to create a hyperlink


We need to specify a URL

If this were a link to the World Wide Web we'd need to include an absolute URL (this page would be http://valhalla.guhsd.net/mac_lab/flash/mx/invis_button_02.html)

Since the link is within our site we can use a relative URL

Be sure to hit Return after entering the URL information


Save your .fla then export a .swf (Shift-Option-Command-S)


Navigate to the proper folder (within YOUR Local Root Folder for your Website)


Since we're using Flash MX I leave the Version set to Flash 6

If you plan on uploading your files to the Web you might consider setting the .swf to be compatible with an earlier version of the Flash Player because the Flash 6 Player is still relatively new


That's it. You did it!


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