Flash MX Looping Basics
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We have this

But we'd rather it looped like this, right?


So, we're looking for an easy way to loop our animation...

With your cursor over the first frame, click and drag (in one motion) across the frames


If your Timeline doesn't look like the one below, Command-Z and try again


Position you cursor over the selected frames as shown


Option-click-drag down the Timeline as shown in this movie (Option lets you copy)



Control-click on the copied frames and Reverse Frames (reselect them if necessary)


As you can see, something happened...


But not necessarily what we wanted


We have to replace the Shape Hints (remember how?)


Yes, the same process in reverse (from square to circle)


When you have them completed once again...


Play (or test) your movie to see the results

(Return or Command-Return)

Yes, I hear you asking, "Isn't there an easier way?"

Well, maybe... (but you're getting practice at the basics this way, right?)


Next up: Easing


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