Flash MX Motion Guide Basics
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Okay, you know how to make things move along straight lines

How about along a curved path?


Create an object


Select it and Convert to Symbol (F8)


Name it


Control-click on down the Timeline and Insert Keyframe


Control-click on Frame 1 and Create Motion Tween


With the Layer selected, click on the Add Motion Guide icon


Click on the first frame of the Guide Layer


Draw a path (I used the Pencil to show you a useful option)


Select the line and click on the Smooth icon in the Tool Bar


A few clicks down the road and the line is smoothing out nicely (the Pen Tool works better for creating smooth paths)


Click to Lock the Motion Guide


Click on Frame 1 of your original layer and click-drag the instance to the beginning of your path

Use the target in the center of the instance as both a handle and cross hairs for positioning


Click on the last keyframe and drag the instance to the end


And that's it—you did it!


Next up: Shape Tweening


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