Flash MX Masking Basics
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This is as simple as it gets

You will use your imagination to make a more interesting animation, but for now...


Create an object


Create a new layer and draw a shape (no stroke) that covers your object

The masked area will be revealed when we're done

(Yes, this is the opposite of how masks usually work)


Insert a keyframe (F6) down the timeline


Select the first keyframe and the Free Transform Tool


Resize the "not yet a mask" shape so that your original object is revealed and insert a Shape Tween

Remember, in Macromedia's universe this means that the object will be hidden in frame 1 because it's not yet covered by the mask (go figure)


Insert a frame (F5) down the timeline so that the object remains on the stage for the show


Position your cursor over the icon (or the "not yet a mask" layer's name) and...


Control-click and select Mask from the contextual menu


And a whole bunch of things happen (I'll explain this in class)


If you don't want your animation to loop endlessly, make a new layer, insert a keyframe, and stop action



Now, use your imagination and create something worth watching

You can do much better than this, right?


Next up: ...


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