Flash MX
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We're going to make a simple animation like:

No, yours doesn't have to look like mine


Select a tool to draw an object on the Stage


Holding down the Shift key while you click and drag gives you a perfect circle with the Oval Tool


Select the Arrow Tool from the Tools Panel and click and drag to select the entire object


Once selected, your object will look like the one below

Notice the settings in the Properties Panel


Control-click on the selected object to access the contextual menu and choose Convert to Symbol...

You can also just hit the F8 key after your object is selected


In the dialog box, name your symbol and make sure the Graphic option is selected


You object is now a symbol (notice how it is highlighted)

Notice the difference in the Properties Panel


Before going any further, I'm going to reposition my symbol (just click and drag)


Control-click on a frame further down the timeline and choose Insert Keyframe


Control-click on the first keyframe and select Create Motion Tween


Click once on any other frame (if you have a dotted line between keyframes you did something wrong)


Reposition your symbol


And Flash kindly generates the keyframe for us


Click on another frame and reposition your symbol


Click on another frame and reposition your symbol

No need to make the last one because you already did it way up there


Command-Return to test your movie (or navigate to Control > Test Movie)


And there you go

Nice job


You will find many more tips and more detailed instructions on the Basics (and Common Problems) page


Next up: Adding Sound


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