Flash MX Movie Clip Basics
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Remember this one?


What if we could make it do this?

The trick lies in Movie Clips


Create a button and double-click on it


We are now inside Scene 1, in button editing mode


Move the playhead to the Over state

(I changed the fill color back to white... you'll see why in a moment)


Select the object in the Over state and Convert to Symbol (F8)


Name it and select Movie Clip for its Behavior


Double click on the symbol to edit it (note current scene below)


Place a keyframe one second down the Timeline (What is your frame rate? Mine is 20 fps)


Click in frame 1 and Insert Shape Tween


Select the frame at the midpoint of your animation and Insert Keyframe (F6)


Command-T to access the Transform Panel

Depending on your animation, you may or may not want Constrain checked


Enlarge your object


Hit Return and the transformation is applied


Select the fill to replace the color (playhead at center point)


Replace the color


Click in order to return to button editing mode


Notice that your Over state seems to be a static frame


Click to return to Scene 1


Your button exists in one frame but you have an animation in that one frame

How is that possible? (Answer: Movie Clips!)


It's a good idea to Shift-Command-S (Save as) if you want to preserve a former file for future use


There's much more we can (and will) do with Movie Clips

But first, what if...



Next up: Putting Sound into Your Buttons


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