Flash MX Shape Hinting Basics
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We just made this:


But what if we could make it look like this instead:


The answer lies in Shape Hinting

The process can get a little complicated so we'll start simple (with our circle/square)


With the playhead at frame 1, navigate to Modify > Shape > Add Shape Hint and a small red circle shows up at the center of our shape

Since we'll be doing this a few times you might want to try the Shift-Command-H shortcut


Click-drag the Shape Hint to a "corner" of our circle (it snaps to the edge)


Move the playhead to the second shape's keyframe and Shift-Command-H


When the shape hint is moved to the corner it turns green (red = there's a problem)


Move the playhead back to frame 1 and Shift-Command-H

Notice how the hints are named to help us keep track (this can get very complicated with complex morphs)

Also, the yellow color of the first hint means Flash understands what we just did—red is the only problem indicator


Move the second hint to the second "corner"


Move the playhead and the second hint


Continue until all four corners are set in sequence



We'll tackle a more challenging shape hint project later

But wouldn't it be cool if there was an easy way to make it do something like...



Next up: Looping


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