Flash MX Adding Sound
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What we're about to create is too noisy to embed in this page

See 'n' Hear in a separate window (then close it)


Open any animation you'd like to add sound to (I'm using the Basic Motion Tween file)

Click on the Insert Layer icon so the sound can sit on it's own layer


So we don't get confused, double-click on the generic layer name and type descriptive names


Command-R (or File > Import...) to choose a sound


There are over 1,000 freeware sounds in the mac_lab_sounds folder in your hard drive

Since I just need a short sound I'm picking the appropriate folder

Other sounds can be found in Window > Common Libraries > Sounds.fla


Open your sound


And you won't see any change whatsoever unless you open the Library (Command-L or F11)


To insert a sound, click on the appropriate frame, make a keyframe (F6), and drag the sound onto the stage


Make sure the Sync is set to Event (in the Properties Panel)


Notice the indication of sound in the selected keyframe


Repeat as necessary (and remember to insert keyframes first or the sound won't work)


Next up: Text Basics


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