Flash MX Text Basics
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In this tutorial you will learn how to convert text to symbols and distribute those symbols to their own layers


Select the Text Tool (shortcut is T)

Important: Make sure Static Text is selected in the Properties Panel


Select a font


Set the size (and color of you want)


Click on the Stage


Type a few letters (best to keep it simple the first time around!)


Click on the Arrow Tool


Open the Align Panel (Command-K)


Make sure Align/Distribute to Stage is selected


Click on Align Horizontal Center


Click on Align Vertical Center

Now our text is centered on the stage


Command-B to Break Apart


The text is now highlighted as three separate letters


Deselect (by clicking on another part of the stage) then select the first letter


F8 to Convert to Symbol (make sure the Behavior is set to Graphic)


Repeat for each letter then select all (click and drag around the letters)


Your letters must all be individual symbols (notice how each is highlighted)

Make sure each of your letters has been converted to an individual symbol!


Shift-Command-D to Distribute to Layers


Flash creates and even names the layers for you!


Layer 1 is now empty—select then Delete it


Save your file and we'll do something cool with the letters

Note: You can reorder the layers by dragging them into the order you prefer


Next up: Animating Text


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