Flash MX Animating Text
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In this tutorial you will learn how to create an animation like this one

(But you will use these techniques to make much more interesting animations)


Note: The tracking (what Flash calls Character Spacing) is set to 5 in this example

(Yes, I'm using a different font than last time)


Our letters have been converted to symbols and distributed to layers as shown in the previous tutorial


Select frames somewhere down the timeline and insert keyframes (F6)

Note: You can click and drag to select multiple frames or click on the first frame and shift-click on the last to select all frames in between


Select the first keyframes


Insert a motion tween


And you should have something similar to the image below


Select some frames


Insert keyframes (F6)


Play the following movie to see how easy it is to reposition keyframes


Make additional keyframes, select, Command-T (for Transform window), and set as shown below


But this isn't what we wanted

Command-Z to undo (we will be using this method later)


With one keyframe selected, repeat as shown


When you hit return the transform is applied

Notice the Properties Panel is set to Frame


Click on the letter (V) and the panel changes so we can access the Alpha settings


Set the Alpha to 10%


Repeat the steps for the H and S


Select the frames as shown below


Play this movie to see how easy it is to reposition the selection


Repeat for the S layer so your timeline looks like the one below


Play this movie to see how to copy frames by dragging the selected frames while holding down the option key


Repeat for the H and S layers and select the frames as shown below


Insert keyframes (F6)


Make a second set of keyframes


Change the color


Tint allows you to change the color


Pick the color by clicking on the color button


Use the eyedropper to select


Make a new set of keyframes and set a different color


Select as shown in the following movie and option-drag to copy the frames



And one more time so that you have nine consecutive keyframes


Insert keyframes in frame 45, select them, and apply the Transform as shown below


Select V's keyframe as shown


Reposition the V (hold down the shift key to constrain the move horizontally)


Repeat for the S


Select the last keyframes


Drag the keyframes to extend the length of the animation


And you're done!




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