Putting it Together

  1. Launch Flash (or open a new Flash file [Command-N] if the program is active)

  2. Change the width to 700 and the height to 400 in the Movie Properties dialog box (Command-M)

  3. Save your file as flash_03.fla

  4. Using any font except Arial, recreate this animation:

    It begins with the same steps as the flash_01 and 02 files
    It requires only five layers
    It will require the use of Easing on various keyframes


  5. When you are finished, save your file (Command-S)
  6. Save a copy (Shift-Command-S) as 03_flash.fla and drop it in the Hand In folder

    If you want credit for this project, please follow these directions—exactly as stated. If your file is named anything other than 03_flash.fla you will not receive any credit. I will not look for your assignment under any other name.

    No exceptions.

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