1. Launch Flash (or open a new Flash file [Command-N] if the program is active)

  2. Open the Movie Properties dialog box (Command-M) and change the size of the stage to suite your tastes

  3. Save your file as (Shift-Command-S) flash_05.fla

  4. Now Show What You Know! Make a Flash animation worth watching

        The best ones will be uploaded onto Valhalla's Website for all to see

  5. Use your imagination

  6. If you're stuck for an idea you can always try to recreate this golden oldie:

    But you've got to be sick of this one by now! Why not try using your own name as a starting point?

  7. When you are finished, save your file (Command-S)

  8. Save a copy (Shift-Command-S) as 05_flash.fla and drop it in the Hand In folder

    If you want credit for this project, please follow these directions—exactly as stated. If your file is named anything other than 05_flash.fla you will not receive any credit. I will not look for your assignment under any other name.

    No exceptions.


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