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Game On is a WordPress plugin compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Explore the Features and How to Use Them

Gamify Your Curriculum


Educators request the features

Students write the code

We share it with the world

Game On PLN

Join our Game On PLN on the Adobe Ed Exchange and request new features.

Hack Our Code

Feeling even more adventurous? Join GitHub, create your own fork, and hack our code.


Take a peek inside the Mac Lab courtesy of the Classroom of the Future Foundation.

Game On v3.x

Download our latest release from GitHub.

Getting Started

What the heck is this thing and how do I use it?

The Options Page

Use our default settings or customize the names and values to suit your needs.

Creating Quests

or Missions or whatever you want to call your gamified assignments.

Store & Stats

The most important aspects of the game (from the players' point of view).

Options & Strategies

The Stats Panel

Options & Strategies

For players and admins.

  • Videos coming soon.

Coming Soon

The rest of the story.

The Clipboard

Player data at your fingertips.

  • Videos coming soon.

Game On Newsletter

Weekly tips, tricks, and strategies.

  • Coming soon.

Have these conversations with your students

and discover ZIM! The Zone of Intrinsic Motivation.

Note: This rubric may seem unsound but it leads directly to this type of work.

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