This is intended to be a living blog—subject to edits, additions, and the like. I want to capture my thoughts but not be bound by them. (If that makes sense.) It’s not standard practice but that’s how we roll in here.

Speaking of “in here,” we’re winding down the final few weeks of The Mac Lab as we know it. Valhalla’s year-long modernization begins the day after finals and we’ll be moving into a slick new computer lab for the 2016/17 school year. As for next year, we’ll be temporarily situated in a building adjacent to campus. It’s an… interesting space.

Here’s a lo-res look inside:



Bottom Line: We must be 100% packed with everything—including computers—in boxes by the last day of school. An army of movers will descend on the school the following day to empty the place. Should make for an unusual end to our 13 year run in room 246 with finals in a computer lab sans-computers. (No time to pack up after finals because graduation is that afternoon and my daughter is in Valhalla’s class of 2015.)

Synchronicity Lost: I didn’t enjoy high school the first time around. Thought it was a complete and utter waste of time. I cut a lot of classes and graduated with a 2.46 GPA. When I landed this job fresh out of the SDSU Credentialing Program, Room 246 had special meaning for me. The “246” connection may be lost as we move but the goal of making learning more fun and engaging for students will remain front and center.

Our new digs in the fall of 2016 will be in the old ASB room.

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