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Photoshop Tutorials
Master the basics and the rest will fall into place

How to Use these Tutorials
Please watch this introductory movie for details I will expect you to know

Visitors From the World Outside of the Mac Lab
You may have to create some of your own starter files and use your own images. Not all tutorials are available to the general public for reasons explained in this movie. Please read the FAQ and the Blog (especially this entry) before emailing me. And sorry, if the movie isn't on this page I can't share it with the general public for reasons I explain directly below.

Where are the Resources?
If there is not a link for a starter file or an intact final psd in the tutorials below, the files and movies are on the server in maclab > documents > _photoshop_resources (right below the _flash_resources folder) Note: If the final psd does not have all layers intact (as in the above example) it's because I'm protecting the intellectual property of the technique's creator. We have permission to use this in class

Getting Started
Finding your way around and (there's a mistake in the Color Settings in the next movie -- use these settings then watch the next movie) setting up the workspace | A correction or two | A few valuable workspace tips and tricks

Image Enhancement Basics (and not-so-basics)
Starter file | Final psd | What you need to know to get started (and to work smart) | The first enhancements | Saving an optimized version to use in Flash (Note: I'm not sure why but the icon on my jpg isn't the one Photoshop usually creates. Yours will be correct if there's no image.) | Diving into advanced territory — curves, masks, and the dodge and burn layer | A short review and the gradient sky | Real time version

Cropping and Straightening Images
Starter file | Cropping basics and things to avoid (as with all tutorials, I will expect you to know this!)
Starter file | Straighten and crop while avoiding another crop gotcha

Pulling Detail Out of Shadows
Starter file | Final psd | Improved workflow for pulling detail out of shadows along with a useful masking trick

Blend Mode Enhancements  
Starter file | Final psd | Enhance the starter file and find your own blend mode enhancement trick (or tricks)

Color Enhancement Techniques
Enhancing with Curves | Starter file | Compacted psd | Files and movies on server.
Apply Image Technique | Starter file | Compacted psd | Files and movies on server.

Dark Vignette Enhancement
Starter file | Compacted psd | A very easy method for bringing your focal point into better focus (or just saving a terrible photograph from the digital trash can as in this example). Final psd and movies on the server.

Dream Glow Enhancement
Red Channel | Simple jpg | Starter file (it's better practice to start with the jpg) | Compacted psd | Files and movies on server.
Blue Channel | Simple jpg | Starter file (it's better practice to start with the jpg) | Compacted psd | Files and movies on server.

Cookie Lighting Enhancement
Compacted psd for before and after comparison | An incredibly striking finishing touch that completely transforms an image. Files and movies on server.

The Treatment (a la Jim DiVitale)
Starter file | Compacted psd | Jim's own recipe for this unique finishing touch, Season to taste. Movies are on the server.

Blur Experiments
Please watch this introductory movie before trying the tutorials
The classroom challenge which started it all | Starter file | Final psd | How it happened
Blurs and Blends | Starter file | Final psd | Quick version | A bit of explanation (and yes, I left out one 5 in the 625 calculation)
Embarcadero Colorscape | Starter file | Final psd | Bringing the image to life (I meant horizontal when I said vertical) | Improved version
Embarcadero Under/Overexposure | Starter file | Final psd | Variations on a theme
Journey to Atlantis | Starter file | Final psd | Another variation
Stairway to Bodie | Starter file | Final psd | Yet another variation with an added touch

Scanlines and Brushes and Grids (Oh my!)
Starter file | Final psd (one starter file will work for all of the tutorials under this title)
Making a custom pattern for scanlines | for a grid
Making a custom brush (with lots of extra tips) Note: The sound becomes out of sync in this movie so just roll with it) | Fixing the bonehead mistake I made in the prior video

Preparing Work for Your Portfolio
It all starts with a pencil and paper, right? After you plan it out you're ready to work smart in preparing your files for Flash. Includes generating interesting thumbnails, intermediate sized images, full sized versions, and preparing your psds for animation (as well as organization tips). Steps repeated in real-time for additional images.

Upsampling Trick
How do you print an 8 x 10 when you only have a tiny version of your image? Starter File | Finished psd (This is the unaltered result of the process. For best results, more post-upsampling clean-up would be useful) | Movies are on the server (though here is a final comparison).

Converting Color Images to Black and White
Starter File | Traditional method result | Dramatically better result | Movies are on the server.

Quadtone Enhancements for Black and White Images
Starter File | Final psd | Experimentation will provide you with far more dramatic results. Movies are on the server.

Red Eye Removal
Don't download the starter file unless you are on a computer with CS2 | Starter file | Final psd | A short and sweet technique for removing red eye

Text Tool Basics
Master the other techniques before diving into the first of many text tutorials

Graphic Authority
Intro | Overview and iPhoto | Color Settings | Initial Assignment | Tips and Techniques | More Tips | Brush Engine | Custom Shapes | Submitting Your Work

Making Posters with Grids
Don't skip any movies — Good tips and strategies in all of 'em! Overview | Setting up the Custom Grid | Upsampling and Custom Crops | Anticipationg a Gotcha, New Document Settings, and Another Gotcha | Organizing Your Images | A Problem in the Next Movie | Text Tool Tips and Tricks | Flatten and Save As... | Working with Other Sizes of Paper | Posters on Your Website (Don't overwrite your print version after you Save For Web!)





Required: Latest versions of plugins Suggested: 1024 x 768 minimum resolution

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