Photoshop to Flash via GIF
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This tutorial deals with isolating a portion of an image to animate in Flash

We will be saving as a GIF to import the object with a transparent background so it can do something like:

(This is quick and dirty, you'll do a better job)


Here's the original image


First we've got to select the ball


Command-J to "Jump" the selection to its own layer


To see the results, click the visibility icon next to the background layer



Make sure your new layer is visible against a transparent background like this one

(The checkerboard indicates transparency)


Navigate to Image > Trim...


In the Trim dialog box, select the following options


Photoshop trims the canvas to fit the visible pixels

This is a great feature for trimming Web graphics as well!


Shift-Option-Command-S to Save for Web


For Settings, select GIF 128 Dithered


For higher quality, push Colors to 256 and Dither to 100%


JPG on left, GIF on right (but the JPG would save with a white background)


Just a comparison of image quality—ordinarily we would save such an image as a JPG


And like I said, your animations will be much better than this one



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