It seemed like a good idea...

This is one of those ideas that didn’t play out this year.

I still have high hopes for PODs in the future.

Maybe next year. 😛

POD: First Things First

IMPORTANT: Please begin your journey by completing these seven quests (in sequence):

  1. The NEW Mac Lab
  2. Your Digital Portfolio
  3. Edit Your Profile
  4. Birds Bells Bogus
  5. Empathy Compassion Integrity
  6. Digital Portfolio Entries
  7. Choices, Choices
Digital Portfolio Entries (Time-Sensitive Quests)

You are required to make entries in your Digital Portfolio on a weekly basis. Failure to do so will adversely affect your grade. If the link is not live (below) see the 411.

WARNING: Time-sensitive quests.

  1. Week 01 DPE Replaces homework, quizzes, tests, and finals.
  2. Week 02 DPE
  3. Week 03 DPE
  4. Week 04 DPE
  5. Week 05 DPE
  6. Week 06 DPE
  7. Week 07 DPE
  8. Week 08 DPE
  9. Week 09 DPE
  10. Week 10 DPE
  11. Week 11 DPE
  12. Week 12 DPE
  13. Week 13 DPE
  14. Week 14 DPE
  15. Week 15 DPE
  16. Week 16 DPE
  17. Week 17 DPE
  18. Week 18 DPE
  19. No Week 19 DPE
  20. Week 20 DPE
  21. Week 21 DPE
  22. Week 22 DPE
  23. Week 23 DPE
Mac Lab: Policies and Expectations
  1. Code of Honor Without honor, this whole experiment is pointless.
  2. Rubric Play by the rules and try your best. It’s that simple.
  3. ZIM! Intro The Zone of Intrinsic Motivation.
  4. The Exchange Rights, privileges, responsibilities, and consequences.
  5. Early Bird Bonus loot may only be claimed before the tardy bell.
  6. Null The netherland between Early Bird and Tardy.
  7. Tardy Early = On Time
  8. Bell to Bell Bonus loot that may only be claimed after the period ends.
  9. Absence Excused = Absent and Unexcused = Truant
N2K: Need to Know Info
  1. Grave Robbers Let the dead (quests) rest in peace.
  2. Text
Mac OS
  1. Download & Install Fonts And never, ever forget to add attribution (a link back to the source).
  2. Text
Illustrator CC
  1. Adobe EdEx Create an account that we’ll use later.
  2. Boss Blunders Addressing the problems you’ll encounter in the following quests.
  3. Launching Illustrator From now on I’ll expect you to know how to do this.
  4. New Document You’ll use this to create custom desktop pictures for your computer.
  5. Point Type v Area Type You’ll be expected to use point text 99.9% of the time.
  6. dPic 101 Creating, saving, and setting your typographic desktop picture.
  7. dPic 101 Gotchas Corrections, more corrections, and a bevy of workflow tips.
  8. Download & Install Fonts And never, ever forget to add attribution (a link back to the source).
  9. Type: Alignment Set your type intelligently (and other relevant tips).
  10. Preferences Establish a common frame of reference for the following videos.
  11. The Holy Trinity Typography’s power trio.
  12. Tracking Adjusting the space between three or more characters.
  13. Leading Adjusting the space between lines of text.
  14. Kerning Adjusting the space between two characters.
  15. Gathering Your Resources Collecting and attributing will be an ongoing process.
  16. LogoType Intro These skills and strategies will set you on the road to graphic design.
  17. Live Paint Bucket Primer Fill enclosed areas with ease.
  18. Clipping Mask Primer Use a shape to define what is and what is not visible.
  19. Rotate Tool Oldie I’ll update this when I get a chance.
  20. Guides Primer Begin to learn to use Guides like a pro.
  21. Symbols Primer Just scratching the surface.
  22. Line Segment & Width Tool Primer Just to get you started with these cool tools.
  23. Pen Tool Primer Many more Pen Tool videos on the way!
  24. Your Symbol Library Keep your best work at your fingertips.
  25. Custom Workspaces Set up your own custom workspace.
  26. Manage Workspaces Learn to manage your custom workspaces.
  27. Reset Character Panel Don’t let prior settings disrupt your workflow.
  28. Resize Artboard Give yourself room to work.
  29. Touch Type Tool Way cool tool. Use with restraint.
  30. Color + Touch Type Yes, it’s that easy to change any character’s color.
  31. Where Did My Colors Go? The hamburger menu in the Color Panel also works.
  32. Housekeeping + Update Workspace Save time and frustration by working smart.
Photoshop CC
Illustrator + Photoshop = Creative Synergy

Links to relevant quests.

  1. Text
  2. Text
Clients: Real World Projects
  1. Bell Schedule Posters for every classroom.
  2. CCCC Poster Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication
  3. Julius Caesar Posters for Theatre’s first play in their new digs.
  4. Fall Concert Vocal Music’s first concert of the year.
  5. Banned Books Week Buttons Raising awareness of censorship in America.
  6. Banned Books Week Posters Raising awareness of censorship in America.
Free Resources: Optional

Attribution! Link back to the artists who share with you. Be sure to complete this quest, too.

  1. Eastern Sierra Textures My photos.
  2. Design Cuts Some great tutorials there, too!
  3. Creative Market Six new free creative resources available every Monday.
  4. DealJumbo Hundreds of free resources. Sign up for the newsletter of exclusive freebies.
  5. Spoon Graphics Sign up for newsletter and you’ll get additional useful resources.
  6. Behance Hundreds of free fonts.
  7. Font Bundles One free quality font each week plus other free fonts.
  8. Quaql Some very cool unusual freebies.
  9. Pixel Surplus also links to others’ freebies: 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10
  10. Smashing Magazine Links to freebies from artists around the world.
  11. Hey Design Keep an eye out for practical freebies like this resume template.
  12. Envato Sign up and you’ll get a few free files once a month (some are really good).
  13. The League of Movable Type Some really nice open source fonts.
  14. Pexels One of many copyright-free image sites.
HomeQuests: Optional
  1. 411@Home Optional method for mitigating adverse effects of absence.
  2. Text
Mac Lab Media: Optional
  • GuildX Early guild purchase option for problem finder/solver or service provider.
  • Guild Apprenticeships See this quest before purchasing any Guild.
  •  You must be willing to work toward providing a service or solving a specific problem.
  •  You must be willing to work toward providing a service or solving a specific problem.
  •  You must be willing to work toward providing a service or solving a specific problem.
  • Special projects—Elite Guild.
  • Content creators for our commercial art foundry—Elite Guild.
  • Commercial Clade See this quest for details about our commercial art foundry.
Reaper's Reruns

WARNING: These quests have teeth.


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