Note: Grading Policies have been rewritten. Please see this page for more info.


Long story short. Students choose their grade with their deeds, not words. The rubric (below) is as simple as it gets. See (re)Imagine for full details.

There is no homework. No tests.

Every student is capable of earning an A.

It’s a matter of choice.

Minimum Wage

(Just the first six weeks in the class)

Since many students and parents may find the concept of Minimum Wage alarming, I’ll make this as brief as possible.

We—the students and I in conjunction with Real World Scholars—are starting a business this semester. See eXperiment and MLM Design Guide for details.

Because the students have little or no experience, they will be paid minimum wage.

Minimum wage in education is the lowest passing mark, which is a D. I fully realize that a D will cause many students and parents some measure of anxiety. Read on.

At two week intervals, students will have the opportunity to approach the Boss (me) and negotiate for a raise based on two factors: following company policy and actively applying themselves each day. See (re)Imagine for details.

All that is required is integrity and persistent, consistent effort. No tests. No homework. Just exhibit the qualities any employer would value.

In return, students can (and should) earn a raise every two weeks:

  • Week 2: C
  • Week 4: B
  • Week 6: A plus possibility of company perks (20% time, music, etc.)
  • Week 12 Onward at 6 week intervals: Promotions and/or additional company perks

Being a good employee is a choice. My employees will choose their wages via their character, their effort, and their initiative.

Fair Warning: The Boss reserves the right to dock employee pay based upon lack of integrity and/or persistent, consistent effort.

The ultimate goals, however, have nothing to do with grades. For the Mac Lab, our goal is to become a self-funded learning environment by the 2020/2021 school year. For the students, our goal is to provide the training and experience necessary to launch their own commercial art foundries upon graduation.

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