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Support the Students in the Mac Lab
Click DONORS at The Valhalla Foundation to become a Mac Lab Booster or click the Donate button to use PayPal (both are tax deductible)

100% of your donation will be used to purchase books, supplies, software, etc. for the students in the Mac Lab
A Few Words About Donations to the Mac Lab


Rules, responsibilities, expectations, and opportunities are detailed below. All students are required to be familiar the information detailed below before beginning to work an any projects in the Mac Lab. You might want to take this initial task seriously as the consequences of ignoring Mac Lab policies will be enforced. (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Student Links
Digital Arts | 3D Design & Animation | Student Websites | CS4 Tutorials | CS3 Tutorials | Older Tutorials

First Things First
>>> Watch This Movie Before You Do Anything Else! <<< | If You Were Here Day One... | Best Work

Syllabi and Forms
Watch This Movie to better understand the forms. Students are provided with printed copies on day one. Here are the PDFs for Digital Arts and 3D Design & Animation if you need additional copies.

Content Standards and Frameworks
Watch This Movie | PDFs: Visual and Performing Arts Standards | Career Technical Education Standards | Visual and Performing Arts Framework

Mac Lab Policies
Introduction | No Cell Phones (or other electronic devices) | Participation is the Key | Attendance | Truancies | Tardies | On or Off-Task | Extra Credit | Bathroom Passes | Dress Code | Hoods and Hats | No Food, Drink, Candy, Chips, Gum, etc. (water is okay) | Respect | Don't Touch the Screen | No Streaming Music | Streaming II | No email, Games, Forums, etc. | Games II | The Last Rule

Subs and Cell Phones
Funny, I thought I'd already made this clear

What Students Need To Succeed
Good Attitude and Work Ethic | Optional Flash Drive | Sketchbook

Grades in the Mac Lab
What You Need to Know | Record Your Extra Time (These sheets are available the first day of week two)

Early Mornings in the Mac Lab
The Early Bird Gets the Computer

Mac Lab Saturday School
What You Need to Know | Saturday School Policies | The 300 Minute Club (7:00 am to Noon) Sept 13, 27, Oct 11, 25, Nov 8 cancelled due to presentation at SDCUE Tech Fair, 22, Dec 6, 13, Jan 24, 31, Feb 21, 28, Mar 14, 21, 28 April 25, May 2, 16, 23

The Road to Success in the Mac Lab | Mac Lab Fan Mail | The Tutorials Page

Once You've Watched ALL the Movies on this Page...
Watch this One then Go to Your Class Page By going to the class page you are bound by all the rules outlined above

Classes for the 08/09 School Year
Digital Arts | 3D Design & Animation



Required: Latest versions of plugins Suggested: 1024 x 768 minimum resolution

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