411@Home (67)

411@Home (67)


The Boss wants you to understand that working at home is optional.

See details in Stage 4 of any week's DPE (Digital Portfolio Entry) quest.

If you're interested in learning more, click through.

If not, this isn't the quest you were looking for. Move along. Move along.



Watch this short video:


IMPORTANT: The 411@Home quest is only available on the day of your absence (or on the weekend if absent on Friday). Completion requires 60 minutes of focused activity:

  • REQUIRED: Login to Mac Lab
  • REQUIRED: Watch 411 video(s) and begin or complete tasks if possible
  • REQUIRED: Read additional instructions and begin or complete tasks if possible
  • OPTIONAL: Work on your DMF (Digital Morgue File)
  • OPTIONAL: Learn new skills, conduct research, etc.
  • REQUIRED: Document the activity on your digital portfolio
  • REQUIRED: 60 minutes of focused activity on day of absence

Simple enough, eh, Visitor?



When finished, claim your  loot and your .*

You'll make up the rest of the loot (and more) via the weekly DPE self-assessment.


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