5000 px Textures Part II (17)

5000 px Textures Part II (17)


Let's expand on that new idea from Part IVisitor.

I promise it'll be worth your while.



If you want to give it a go, check out this page.

Follow the steps to reproduce the steps and post at least 5 1500 px JPGs on your DPE.

If you create original texture collections—not based on an image I've previously used—post them, too, and claim the Stage 3 loot.

WARNING: Your secondary images must use the strategies and techniques outlined in the 5000 px Textures Part II page.

No visual noise!



Congrats, Visitor, I think...

5000 px Textures Noise? I'd undo this stage if I were you. (The usual penalties apply.)

5000 px Textures Beauty? Show the Boss!

Bonus Loot for marketable goods: 


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