Birds Bells Bogus (67)

Birds Bells Bogus (67)


Since World of Warcraft was the inspiration for our gamified learning environment (the Boss had to play it for 10 days when earning his master's degree in 2010/11) I, BALCAM, have the honor of introducing you to, among other things, our very lucrative daily quests.

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Let's get right to it, shall we, Visitor?


Early Bird: May only be claimed before the tardy bell. No excuses. No whining. Once claimed, you must begin the day's 411. Those who claim it then do not immediately begin the 411, or those who claim it during or after the tardy bell will earn Early Bogus.

Tardy: If you have not successfully logged into your computer before the tardy bell has begun to ring, you are tardy. Once your desktop picture loads, you have successfully logged in. If you do not purchase the Tardy within 2 minutes of arriving, you must purchase Tardy Fail. Any player Tardy more that 5 times in one semester will receive Damage for each additional Tardy.

Null: You successfully logged in but not soon enough to claim the Early Bird. (No penalty or reward but you're still eligible for Bell to Bell.)

Bell to Bell: Players who earned Early Bird (or Null) and worked diligently up to and past the sound of the final bell may claim Bell to Bell. Void if you arrived late (excused), or purchased Damage, , or Homework Pass Please watch these videos for more details:


We'll get to the rest later, for now you know how to begin earning additional loot each day, right?

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The Boss promised that if you played by the rules and tried your best you'd succeed in the Mac Lab.

Now you understand a little more about what he's expecting. He's rooting for you to show up early, put in a good day's work (albeit in a single class period), and earn your Bell to Bell.

IMPORTANT: The maximum weekly reward (earned via your weekly documentation quests) will require all 5 Bell to Bell (or 4 during weeks with holiday). In other words, students who play by the rules and try their best each and every day will top the leaderboards. More info in [link here].


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