Choices, Choices (67)

Choices, Choices (67)


The Boss just read this:

Legion’s new continent, dubbed The Broken Isles, will feature six brand new areas for players to explore, four of which are to be used almost exclusively for leveling characters from 100 to 110. Unlike in previous World of Warcraft expansions, these regions will not have any sort of recommended levels attached to them and instead, players can choose to venture anywhere on the map and expect the areas to scale to their level.

The new dynamic leveling system introduced by Legion means that players are no longer confined to a certain zone and have the freedom to move around as they please across The Broken Isles. Not only is this a welcome departure from the tedious quest grind of previous expansions, but it also gives Legion a lot of replay value and makes the upcoming expansion a lot more alt friendlier than its predecessors. Source

And, as usual, he's got a new idea.

NOTE: The invitation to click through that you've encountered in prior quests will not appear from this point forward. You get how this works now, right, Visitor?



In years past, the Boss has asked us (the quest givers) to instruct players to complete dozens of linear quests (one following another) in order to get up to speed with the ways of the Mac Lab.

But since you've already read (re)Imagine and have been introduced to a few other key concepts and strategies, we're going to try something new.

From this point forward, unless specifically instructed otherwise in the 411—you've got to pay attending to the 411 each day—you're free to choose any quest on the POD page, in any order you want. (Give the Boss time to populate POD with quests. Soon you'll have your pick of dozens of options.)

IMPORTANT: This does not mean do whatever you want; it means select whatever quest you want.

IMPORTANT: You'll still be required to complete your weekly documentation, self-assessment, and any ⇒REQUIRED quest(s) appearing in the 411. (Keep an eye out for that arrow and those big red letters.)

Next you'll be presented with a problem to solve.



You don't have a Gravatar, do you, Visitor?

And for the smarty-pants veterans in the room, you don't have a new Gravatar, do you?


  1. Command+Click the Edit My Profile link (to open in a new tab)
  2. Click the Gravatar link to the right of Profile Picture
  3. Sign up for an account (you'll figure it out)
  4. Create a school-appropriate image using anything except copyrighted source material
  5. Follow instructions to set your initial Gravatar (can take up to 15 minutes to appear)

Use any software, any tutorials, but NO copyrighted material. You may update your Gravatar as your skills improve but for now, just make one you can call your own.

If your Gravatar isn't 100% original, you must link to the source material—the webpage with the Creative Commons 00 or Public Domain detail—on your Digital Portfolio when you post the image to document your work this week. (Oh yeah, you post your work and give credit where credit is due. Or have you already forgotten?)

We don't use copyright material and the Boss want to make darn* sure you know it.

*He actually used harsher language but the school-appropriate stuff applies to me, too.



Nice not to be anonymous anymore, isn't it, Visitor?

I sure hope you followed instructions because you don't want to purchase a (which any guilty party will).


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