Commercial Clade (67)

Commercial Clade (67)


The Boss has no idea if this has ever been done before.

Whether it has or hasn't, we're going to do it.

And you're invited to join the Clade, Visitor.*

*Requires Form Guild.



Here's a quick video to explain the concept.

Note: You heard some, but not all of this in the Guild Apprenticeship quest.

Lisa Glanz Article | Nicky Laatz hits $1M in Sales



  • Backgrounds
  • Brushes
  • Symbols
  • Shapes
  • Fonts
  • Dingbats and Wingdings
  • Doodles & Illustrations
  • Seamless Patterns
  • Custom Textures
  • Stock Photography
  • Mock-ups
  • Isolated Objects
  • Actions
  • Presets
  • That's just to get you started thinking. So many more possibilities!


More details (and loot) to follow.

Note: The password will be removed after another video or two have been added. Watch the 411 for updates.


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