Digital Portfolio Entries (67)

Digital Portfolio Entries (67)


This is a quick one, Visitor. Pay attention.



IMPORTANT: The Boss wants there to be no misunderstanding. If you do not complete your weekly documentation in a timely manner, your grade will suffer. Period.

The Boss leads by example. He posts new content every single day. You are being asked to document your journey a minimum of one day per week. Not much to ask when you think about it.

Your digital portfolio is a record of what you've learned and how you've learned it. It takes the place of turning in assignments and homework. It takes the place of taking quizzes and tests.

If it's not documented, you didn't do it. Period.



Do you understand, Visitor?

Watch the 411 for links to each week's Digital Portfolio Entry quest—they include instructions, of course—and take care of business before the deadline.

Play by the rules and try your best—give it your all, in the rubric's parlance—and you'll never have to fear the REAPER.



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