Edit Your Profile (67)

Edit Your Profile (67)


Okay, Visitor, please pay special attention to this one because the Boss figures you know how to follow simple instructions.

Stage 3 contains a Profile Fail store item that you don't want to claim!

Ready? Click through.



Watch this video from the Boss to get started.



Now we'll just runs down the list. Pay attention to detail, Visitor.

Username: Cannot be changed. Mine's skocko. Yours is your ID number.

First Name: Type the preferred version of your first name. My name is Michael but I entered Mike because I prefer the latter. Notice that I capitalized the first letter of my name? Always use proper grammar.

Last Name: Type it as it appears in Infinite Campus but please do not use diacritical marks (like ñ, é, ö, etc.) as they throw off alphabetized lists (which I use when assigning grades).

Nickname: Any school-appropriate name—up to 13 characters long. Do NOT use any version of your first name, last name, or ID number. Don't use any variation of Boss, either. Names like 1337, n00b, and FlUfFyBuNnIe are fine. Names like 420 will earn you a invitation.

Display name publicly as: Use the pull-down menu to select your Nickname. Do not leave this set to your Username (your ID number).

Email: Leave this set to your email address.

Website: Copy and paste the URL for your digital portfolio.

Skip down to New Password: (We'll take care of your Gravatar in another quest.)

  1. Click the Generate Password button
  2. Type a password you can remember
  3. Click to select the Confirm use of weak password option (if present)

Period and Computer: Watch the following video.



Well done, Visitor. Click on.



With any luck, the Boss won't need to ask anyone to purchase .

Make sure yours is correct, Visitor.

Head back to the POD page and complete the next quest in the series.


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