Elegant Formal Sign (67)

Elegant Formal Sign (67)


Would you like to design a sign, Visitor?

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This is simple:

  • Illustrator: RGB/72 ppi document 80" wide and 18" high—INCHES, not pixels
  • Leave the background white
  • Use any solid color for the text—no stroke or effects
  • Business Name: Elegant Formal
  • Services: Alteration, Dry Cleaning, Tuxedo/Dress Rental
  • Do not include the words "Business Name" or Services"
  • Commas not necessary if using bullets (Option+8)
  • Ampersand substitution okay
  • Example: Alteration • Dry Cleaning • Tuxedo & Dress Rental
  • Existing Sign: Click ⇐ do NOT replicate the (terrible) existing design


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Thanks for participating, Visitor.

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Winning design will receive 500 Gold.


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