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Welcome to TAG, Visitor.

Since you're about to encounter Polex, I asked if I might speak to you again first to soften the blow.

Our rules are necessary for TAG to function optimally. They have evolved over the past 13 years to protect the majority from the ever-present minority who wish to sow discord.

Please accept the quest to learn more.



Many of you have inflicted pain on others. Many of you have no comprehension of the scars your casual cruelty inflicts on your victims. As stated in the slides you perused:

We are compassionate and kind but we do not tolerate the cowardice and insecurity of bullies.

Please don your headphones and watch this video

Do you understand how painful casual cruelties can be?

If you agree to become a part of the solution and rise above the casual cruelty many teens inflict on one another, complete the quest.

If you do not agree, please let the Boss know that you plan to see your counselor after school to find another elective.



As for the rest of the rules Polex will deliver, please understand that the Boss will work with you if you face extenuating circumstances that impede compliance.

Talk with the Boss. He'll listen. He's reasonable. He cares about you. But he's a guy and he's the first to admit that he can and does miss obvious signals.

You have to let him know when something is wrong.

He only looks and acts like Reaper's uncle.

Please watch this short video.

If you agree to speak with the Boss when you witness or experience cruelty or are the victim of extenuating circumstances, master the quest.

If honor, honesty, and bravery are too much to ask at this point, do not master the quest and simply use the link (below) to move on to the next quest in the chain.



I'm proud of you, Visitor, and am honored to call you my Guild-mate.

Always remember that light banishes the darkness.


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