Guild Apprenticeship (67)

Guild Apprenticeship (67)


So, you want to buy your Guild, do you Visitor?

Here's what it takes...



A Guild Apprenticeship Takes...

  • 2000 Gold
  • An exemplary digital portfolio
  • The Boss' approval
  • A commitment to the Guild of your choice
  • An understanding of the following video

Since many of you will undoubtedly have questions, we'll probably have a follow-up video.

UPDATE—SERIOUS STUDENTS ONLY: Not the follow-up I expected but exciting news nonetheless.


Don't click through unless you've watched the video, spoken with the Boss, and understand the commitment you're making.

WARNING: Only players prepared to purchase their Guild Apprenticeship may proceed to Stage 3.



Just to be clear, Visitor, purchasing your Guild without speaking with the Boss will result in , loss of Guild Apprenticeship, and loss of 2000 Gold.

Purchasing the wrong Guild will result in 1000 Gold penalty.

So, Visitor, you're sure about this? Really sure?

Make your choice and make the most of it!

  • Requires Prior Guild Purchase
  • Requires Form Guild

No refunds. No whining.


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