Hunters & Healers (67)

Hunters & Healers (67)


Please keep this in mind if you are a Hunter, Visitor:

  • The Hunter must also Heal.
  • You are helping, not hurting.
  • In Healing your prey, you make them stronger.
  • You earn Gold for Healing, not Hunting.

Please keep this in mind if you are Hunted, Visitor:

  • The Hunted are also Healed.
  • You are being helped, not harmed.
  • The Healing makes you stronger.
  • You pay Gold for Healing you receive.



Visitor, there will most likely be some confusion today.

Roll with it and do your best.

Got it? Good. Now listen to what the Boss has to say...




Oops! Missing Pieces:

NOTE: Forget the paper I mention in the following video. Details in the Claiming Loot video (Part V).


Finer Points:




Claiming Loot


Have fun, Visitor, whether you be the Hunter or the Hunted.

Loot is in Stage 3


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