Julius Caesar Poster BG (67)

Julius Caesar Poster BG (67)


Here's a 100 mph intro to Photoshop, Visitor.

Buckle up and let's get started.



Design Brief

(copied and pasted from the client):

A Quick Summary
To kick off our 2016-2017 Season, we are doing Julius Caesar. In a quick recap, Julius Caesar was written by Shakespeare and tells the story of Caesar and the political side of life in Ancient Rome both before and after his assassination. Caesar is killed by his fellow Senators due to the way he runs Rome and the growing fear that he may become a complete Tyrant if he gains more power. The story is very political, as the major question facing our Characters after Caesar's assassination is "We have all this power, so what are we going to do with it" along with "What's best for the good of Rome?" However, this decision is what leads them to War. And that's where this story really takes place.

Poster Design
For this show, you guys have all creative liberty. The only thing that our Director would like to see in the poster design is for the background to have a blend of cool colors. Something like Black & Purple or Black & Blue (If that doesn't make sense, i've taken the liberty of finding an image that resembles what i'm talking about. However, it doesn't have to be exactly like that.) Other than this, you have all creative liberty on the design.

Poster Information & Necessities
As always, "Valhalla Theatre Arts Presents" should be placed at the top of the poster. [The title, Julius Caesar, should appear there as well.]

If the Valhalla Theatre logo could be placed on the bottom left it would be greatly appreciated.

The dates for the show are:
December 8th, 14th, 15th @6:00pm
9th, 10th, 16th @7:00pm
& 17th @2:00pm

Our address which is:
Valhalla High School
1725 Hillsdale Rd
El Cajon, Ca 92019

And finally:
Ticket Info at

He also provided this JPG as shown in the video (below) for demonstration purposes only. That's not the background they want.


IMPORTANT: See our Work page for examples of other similar projects.



Let's learn dozens of skills and create the background.


Preview: The big picture.


Download Image: Eastern Sierra Textures


Stretching the Pizza: Ordinarily, I'd tell you never to do the following.


The Color Purple: Hue and Saturation to the rescue.


IMPORTANT: Save your file in the Documents > Posters folder as juliusCaesarBG.psd (Photoshop will add the .psd for you).

Darken: Levels Adjustment Layer


Vignette: Curves Adjustment Layer and Masking


IMPORTANT: Remember to save your work (Command+S) after each video.


Selective Darkening: The nondestructive dodge and burn layer.


Smart Object and Smart Blur: Non-destructive filters


Repeat with other imagery to get a better feel for the process. What follows is a quick video running through all the steps without explanations—after an important word from the Boss.


The Process: All captured in one take. Mistakes are a part of the process.


Finishing Touches: There's always more to do.


⇒ REQUIRED: Create three different backgrounds and save each for Illustrator as well as your digital portfolio as shown in this video.


Illustrator File: Create a correctly-sized document we'll use for future posters.


Place the Image (don't open it): Don't overwrite your template file. Save as, then follow instructions to begin working.


Layout Artwork in Illustrator, not Photoshop: Please use the techniques and strategies in the following video.


Other vids will follow. Do not move on to Stage 4 yet.



Wow, that was epic, Visitor. I can't wait to see what you created.

The Boss will be doling out extra loot for equally epic PSDs.


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