KC Shoe Drive (67)

KC Shoe Drive (67)


Make this one simple and clean, Visitor.



Work in Illustrator, 13" x 19" at 72 ppi in RGB

  • Shoe Drive for Key Leader and Key Club
  • Deliver shoes to room 405
  • Each pair of shoes counts for 2 service hours if you are a member or want to join


Please watch these videos (Key Club Graphics):

NOTE: The additional video the Boss mentioned went waaaay too long so let's skip it for now. He'll record another to cover the concepts later.


Bonus loot in Stage 3 for contenders.

Additional bonus loot in Stage 4 for the winning designer.

IMPORTANT: Please undo then abandon this quest if you do not intend to work on it.



Everything in the video applies so I hope you paid attention, Visitor.

WARNING: for incorrect file type, name, or size.



Thanks for helping, Visitor.

Here's your .

Good luck!


Winning design(s) will be given the password for the 500 Gold bonus in Stage 4.


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