Key Club (67)

Key Club (67)


Make this one simple and clean, Visitor.



Work in Illustrator, 13" x 19" at 72 ppi in RGB

  • Key Club
  • Remind: @valhallakc to 810-10
  • Twitter: valhallakeyclub
  • Instagram: valhallakc
  • Meetings every Thursday in Room 405
  • Anything telling people we are a community service club


Please watch these videos (Key Club Graphics):

NOTE: The additional video the Boss mentioned went waaaay too long so let's skip it for now. He'll record another to cover the concepts later.


Bonus loot in Stage 3 for contenders.

Additional bonus loot in Stage 4 for the winning designer.

IMPORTANT: Please undo then abandon this quest if you do not intend to work on it.



Everything in the video applies so I hope you paid attention, Visitor.

WARNING: 3 Damage for incorrect file type, name, or size.



Thanks for helping, Visitor.

Here's your Key Club Poster Loot.

Good luck!


Winning design(s) will be given the password for the 500 Gold bonus in Stage 4.





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