LogoType Intro (67)

LogoType Intro (67)


Now that you know a little bit about typography, how about designing your own logotype, Visitor?

A logotype is composed of typography—usually simple and elegant.

Since this takes time, the loot is boosted. Do not cut corners on this one.

I'll share a few design strategies to get you started.

Have some fun with this one.



Watch this video to get a preview of where we'll be going.


Here are some examples to get you started.

Mac Lab Student Work:

Third-Party Examples:


Now that you have an idea of what the Boss is looking for, please watch the following videos before beginning.


First Up: Leave breadcrumbs


Low-Res Oldie but Goodie: Simple elegance


Another Low-Res Oldie but Goodie: Refining logos


Okay, Visitor, begin designing your own logo now. If you want to know a little on how to work with shapes, check these videos videos out:



But do check out the questions he wants you to answer (below).




Learning logo design takes time, Visitor.

Your patience and dedication will lead to guaranteed success in the Mac Lab.

Just as corner-cutters are guaranteed mediocrity.

Move on to the next tutorial, Visitor.


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