LOYO Live (17)

LOYO Live (17)


If you're not interested in MLM Pro—in continuing to learn to produce items listed in the MLM Design Guide—your only other option is LOYO.

LOYO is an acronym for Learn On Your Own.

LOYO = Focused Creative Freedom

And with freedom comes responsibility.

If you're willing to accept the responsibility that comes with creative freedom, click on, Visitor.

But understand that freedom without responsibility is a recipe for disaster.



Since this is an experimental quest, we'll likely iron out the bugs as we go so stay flexible and pay attention to the quest's evolution.

Here's a video with the initial idea.


More will follow.

The Boss will let you know when.



Why did you click through, Visitor?

I'd undo this stage if I were you.

Stage 4 will be coming soon.


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