Orange 380 2016

Orange 380 2016


Quick turnaround needed for this one, Visitor.

We need submissions by next Monday, April 18.



Poster is 20" x 30"

Layout text in Illustrator

Layout poster in Photoshop @180ppi / RGB


  • Valhalla High School 2015-2016 (smaller above title)
  • Orange 380 (title—large)
  • Names (in multiple columns)
  • These students received a score of Proficient (380) or higher on BOTH the English and Mathematics portion of the California High School Exit Exam during the 2014-2015 school year. (small at bottom)


If you plan on working on these posters, click complete.

If you do not plan to work on these posters, do NOT click complete.



Master quest to submit your work.



Submit a JPG.

Your JPG must be no larger than 1500 pixels in height.

Ignoring this instruction will result in 3 Damage.

Pity the fool who ignores these words.

Winning design(s) will receive . Posers will receive 


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