Rubric (67)

Rubric (67)


It's pretty simple, Visitor.

If you play by the rules and try your best, you'll have earned an A. (Plus you'll learn all kinds of mad skills.)

If you choose to ignore that simple path to success, you've chosen a different grade.



The Mac Lab rubric contains 17 words.

A:  You gave it your all.
B:  Great, but…
C:  No second effort.
D:  Are you kidding me?
F:  Who are you?

Please watch this video for more information.


Verify that you've followed instructions and move on to Stage 3.



Your perseverance, resilience, and consistent effort will lead to guaranteed success in the Mac Lab.

Just as corner-cutters are guaranteed mediocrity.

Move on to the next tutorial, Visitor.


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