Vocal Music Logo (67)

Vocal Music Logo (67)


This one's pretty straight forward, Visitor.

Let's get to it.




They want the exact same information, the two concentric circles, and the same musical symbols in the center.

You can change the font, the font's size, the width of the concentric circles, and find replacements for the treble clef and the single note.

But the overall look of the logo must stay the same (only better).

Work in Black and white—no colors!


Since the written instructions didn't seem to connect with many students, here's a how-to video.


Bonus loot in Stage 3 for contenders.

Additional bonus loot in Stage 4 for the winning designer.

IMPORTANT: Please undo then abandon this quest if you do not intend to work on it.



Everything in the video applies so I hope you paid attention, Visitor.

WARNING: for incorrect file type, name, or size.



Thanks for helping, Visitor.

Here's your .

Good luck!


Winning design(s) will be given the password for the 500 Gold bonus in Stage 4.


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