WBQ The Secret World (67)

WBQ The Secret World (67)


Just imagine, Visitor what if...

Click on.



Don't just watch this, Visitor, respond to it on your WBQ DPE to claim your loot.


Got it? Good. Design can provide wonderful opportunities for those who understand the challenge.

Shoddy documentation = Double loss of BQ loot plus Double Damage.

Move on to Stage 3... if your documentation is up to snuff.



You're on your way, Visitor.

Don't click through until you've responded to the prompt and completed this section of your BQ DPE.

Stage 4 will be locked when BreakQuests end and reopened when the next BreakQuests go active.



No use undoing or abandoning the quest to try to get another shot at the bonus.

It's a one-time-only bonus.

Sure hope you didn't try to cheat, Visitor, because the Stats Panel tracks progress and time-stamps everything.


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