Week 02 DPE (67)

Week 02 DPE (67)


Hi, Visitor. I'm JULINA, the Boss' creative director.

Because your Digital Portfolio is a customized, personalized reflection of your creative experience in the Mac Lab this year, I get to handle the details.

Let's get started!



I'm not sure if you noticed, but the loot reflects the critical importance of your digital portfolio. (Plus, there's bonus loot in Stage 4.) Your success in the Mac Lab, as has been said many times already, relies on playing by the rules and trying your best.

Well, Visitor, one of the big rules is: Document your work as instructed each week in a timely manner.

So the question is: Will you document your work as instructed (in Stage 3) in a timely manner?

HINT: Resistance is futile ... and expensive! :P



Watch this video for important information.

New Student Cheat Sheet


IMPORTANT: Visitor, the Boss knows this is the first week and much of this may be new to you. He also knows you'll probably have to find tutorials to help you learn to use your digital portfolio platform. A little bit of frenetic activity is good preparation for the demands of today's world. Relax and just do your best. This isn't a make or break quest for new students. The first three weeks are practice for you. Veterans, however, must set the bar high and lead by example.

⇒TITLE: You may customize your digital portfolio to reflect your (school-appropriate) style and personality (no SWFs!) but each week's entries must be clearly identified. A title like this would suffice:

Week 02

IMPORTANT: If you joined the class late, were absent most of the week, or were otherwise prevented from completing much work, document those details. This information will protect you when Hunters and Healers rolls out in Week 04. Lack of any documentation will leave you wide open to being hunted and will definitely adversely affect your grade.

⇒IMAGERY: You must include minimum of one image or video (that you created)—even if it's incomplete and just a work in progress. You could use your Gravatar if nothing else.

⇒WEEK IN REVIEW: Add details of what you did, what you learned, how you succeeded, how you failed (fails happen all the time—celebrate and learn from them). Be specific.

⇒WEEK 02 SELF-ASSESSMENT: Be honest. Example: I'm not sure why but I really had an off week. I talked too much and didn't put in anywhere near enough effort. Rubric: No second effort: C

⇒SELF-GUIDED LEARNING: I watched and worked along with [your link here] (e.g., John McWade's Logo Design Tips and Tricks) and learned [ your details here]. Also reflect on how you used or plan to use the information.

⇒SHORT-TERM GOAL: Set a short-term goal for yourself in the Mac Lab. Be specific and make it meaningful and relevant to your work in the Mac Lab. In successive weeks you'll reflect: Did I make good progress? Did I achieve my short-term goal? Should I establish a new short-term goal? Why or why not. Be honest. (You must always have and work toward a short-term goal.)

⇒LONG-TERM GOAL: Set a long-term goal for yourself in the Mac Lab. Be specific and make it meaningful and relevant to your work in the Mac Lab.  In successive weeks you'll reflect: Did I make any progress? Is my long-term goal still relevant? Should I refine my goal or even establish a different long-term goal? Why or why not. Be honest. (You must always have and work toward a long-term goal.)

⇒ADDITIONAL HEADINGS: (Optional) Feel free to add you own personal touches.


  • Attribution: Links to third party resources you used is always required
  • Internal Links: Open in same tab/window*
  • Image Links: open in Lightbox or a new tab/window*
  • External Links: Open in new tab/window*

*New students have until Week 04 to learn these skills.

WARNING: False claims are expensive. See stage 4 for details.



Watch this video for important information.

New Student Cheat Sheet (updated since video was recorded)



  • Gateway Opens: You may not claim loot (below) prior to the last 10 minutes of the last day of the current week.
  • Gateway Closes: After the gateway opens, you may claim loot up until the gateway closes Sunday evening at 10:00 pm—but only if your documentation is complete. If you have not claimed loot by then, your only choice will be DPE02: Gateway Fail.
  • Incomplete Documentation = DPE02: Are You Kidding Me?. Period. No explanation necessary.
  • Extenuating Circumstances: Stuff happens. Please contact the Boss if stuff is happening to you.
  • 411@Home: Optional quest to help you maximize loot when absent.

Documentation + Self Assessment Loot:

  • DPE02: Gateway Fail You either purchased one of the items below before the last 10 minutes of class, after 10:00 pm on Sunday, or forgot to purchase an item within that time gateway. If you purchased an item outside the gateway, please cancel that item by purchasing its Fail. (Fail x2 is only for intentional false claims.)
  • DPE02: Are You Kidding Me? You either wasted the week or forgot to document your work in a timely manner. You've been warned against both outcomes, Visitor. Next week is a new opportunity. Make the most of it.
  • EXPIRED Pick one of the above options

Documentation + Self Assessment Penalties


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