Week 12 Tardy Policy (67)

Week 12 Tardy Policy (67)


On Monday and Tuesday we'll utilize the old Tardy Policy, Visitor.

On Wednesday, we'll implement the new Tardy Policy.

If you typically earn the Early Bird on a regular basis, the Boss wants me to thank you.

If you typically come in at the last minute, the Boss wants me to warn you.

But most of all, the Boss wants me to remind you that this will help prepare you for success in the real world.

Embrace the philosophy behind our new Tardy Policy and one day your own boss will compliment you for your punctuality.



Watch this video for details.


Do you understand, Visitor?

If not, watch the video again.



Thanks for making this perceptual shift, Visitor.

Apologies for the long video.

To make amends, you have a 2% chance of winning 500 Gold in Stage 4.



Did you win, Visitor?


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