Week 23 DPE (17)

Week 23 DPE (17)


Your Week 23 post will chronicle this week's discoveries and accomplishments.

WARNING: Some of you still must fix your websites or forfeit your paycheck (again).



Some of you still need to focus on last week's video before watching this week's vid.


This week's video is also non-negotiable. Follow the instructions or pay the price.


Use the videos and links on the N2K page to help you develop your new site.

Stage 3 will be unlocked on Friday.

NOTE: You cannot finish your documentation prior to the last 10 minutes of class on Friday, February 10.



WARNING: Do not claim your Week 23 Payday until you've finished your Week 23 documentation as instructed in the videos in Stage 2.*

*Penalty = -120 GoldReap Your Reward.

If you claim your paycheck during the last 10 minutes of class on Friday, you're not done. Please continue working through the end of the period.

Week 23 Payday


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