Week 33 DPE (17)

Week 33 DPE (17)


Your Week 33 post will chronicle this week's discoveries and accomplishments.

Your choice of MLM Pro or LOYO Live will affect your DPE requirements.

Click on for more details.



The requirements have been established. More details may be found in the H&H Weeks 32-37 quest.


NOTE: You cannot finish your documentation prior to the last 10 minutes of class on Friday, May 5.



WARNING: Do not claim your Week 33 Payday until you've finished your Week 33 documentation as you've been instructed all year long.*

*Penalty = -120 GoldReap Your Reward.

If you claim your paycheck during the last 10 minutes of class on Friday, you're not done. Please continue working through the end of the period.

Week 33 Payday


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