Winter Formal (67)

Winter Formal (67)


Let's make a splash with this one, Visitor.



Work in Illustrator, 13" x 19" at 72 ppi in RGB

  • Winter Formal
  • Birch Aquarium at Scripps
  • 2300 Expedition Way, La Jolla, CA 92037
  • February 4th, 2017 from 6:00–10:00pm
  • The theme is Under the Sea (don't type that, convey it with your imagery)

Bonus loot in Stage 3 for contenders.

Additional bonus loot in Stage 4 for the winning designer.

IMPORTANT: Please undo then abandon this quest if you do not intend to work on it.


WARNING: 3 Damage for incorrect file type, name, or size.

  • Submit (max) 1500 px JPGs
  • Name = winterFormalLastName.jpg
  • Multiple Files = winterFormalLastName01.jpg, winterFormalLastName02.jpg...

We'll collect submissions Friday, November 18.



Thanks for helping, Visitor.

Here's your Winter Formal Loot.

Good luck!


Winning design(s) will be given the password for the 500 Gold bonus in Stage 4.





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