Your Digital Portfolio (67)

Your Digital Portfolio (67)


NOTE: Since this quest is more complicated, the loot is boosted (see values above). From this point forward it's up to you to note the value of each quest. Attention to detail will serve you well, Visitor.


What’s holding education back far more than inertia, though, is an acute lack of inspiring direction, amidst a set of loud, misguided voices. Our “leaders”—on both the left and the right side of the aisle—continue to claim that our schools are failing and in need of reform while, in reality, our education system is obsolete and needs reimagining. Our education policy leaders, at all levels of government, are hell-bent on eking out marginal improvements from an obsolete system, and rely on empty metrics to gauge progress.

Wagner, Tony; Dintersmith, Ted (2015-08-18). Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era (p. 51). Scribner. Kindle Edition.


Hey, Visitor. Good to see ya! HUGGER, here. Normally I'm asked to explain technical details but this time the Boss wants something different—really different! Between you and me, I'm surprised he didn't ask RANDD to handle this. But what the heck, let's get to it.

Well, what are you waiting for, Visitor? Click through to Stage 2. :)



Visitor, in the Mac Lab, you don't turn in work, you publish it. In the past, the Boss insisted players (that's what you are in this game) all use the same format. That made it easy for us to teach you how to use it and easy for him to review.

But school—if we're truly going to reimagine it—shouldn't be about what makes it easy for the teacher; it should be about what makes it more fun, engaging, and empowering for the students (or players in our case).

Does that sound fair?

The Mac Lab is online and everything the Boss does for you is available to anyone, anywhere with a connected device. He runs a transparent classroom and a growing number of teachers from around the world have taken note and begun to change their own methods and strategies.

He's doing his part. Now it's your turn to walk the walk.

In other words, everything you do will be online, too.

Click on for details.



So, Visitor, the question is, what platform do you want to use?

Since there are waaaaaay too many choices you won't be required to keep your first pick but you must pick something and publish a statement of intent (more on that in a bit) to complete the quest.

I can't list all the choices but I'll give you a few to get the ball rolling. Since we're a GAFE school, Google Sites and Blogger are available with your Google ID. A few other free choices are WordPress, Wix, and Weebly. (How's that for www?) Feel free to search for other options.

IMPORTANT: This is not a personal site. This is your digital portfolio for the Mac Lab. You'll make weekly updates (more on that later) and upload examples of your work. (Veterans, yes you may use your site from last year if you want.)

IMPORTANT: Do not choose anything that requires the Flash plugin. Adobe killed Flash (for good reasons) and we don't use zombie software.

IMPORTANT: Your platform must support text (you'll be writing), images (you'll be uploading examples of your work), and video embeds (if you intend to include any video or animated content).

Take some time to figure this out because the Boss wants you to enjoy building and sharing a digital portfolio that fits your sense of style.

Once you've made your initial choice, signed up, and have a valid URL (a link to your personal homepage), copy and paste the URL into the text box (below), and click through.



Well done, Visitor. All that's left is a written declaration that you will update your site at least once per week as per the Boss' instructions. (You'll get these via the 411.)

IMPORTANT: Your digital portfolio eliminates the need for tests because you show what you know each and every week. Failure to document your work is like failing a test—not good. But hey, it's not like it's hard. After all, you already know what you did and have your work as evidence to prove you did it. Easy peasy.

WARNING: Cheating (academic dishonesty) will result in loss of loot and Double Damage for the first offense. Damage doubling* will continue for each successive offense.

*2, 4, 8, 16, 32... (Definitely a losing game.)

Once you've added your declaration of intent to your site, please return to the POD page and begin the next quest in the sequence.


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