The Exchange

Spend your loot wisely. All sales are final. No returns. No complaints. No whining. Happy shopping!

The Exchange is Dead

Long live the Exchange

See 2nd Semester 411s for Purchases

The Exchange

Welcome to The Exchange, little one. All sales are final. No returns. No complaints. No whining.

HINT: You would be wise to save your loot to purchase your Guild Apprenticeship because Guild Apprenticeships are the only way to earn creative freedom in TAG.

But there will be so many tempting things to purchase as items are added to our virtual shelves. What would it hurt to spend a little loot now and then? Bwahahaha! Just remember, all sales are final and the management reserves the right to revoke purchases when players try to game the system.

Repair Shop

Virtually all players will incur Damage at some point.

Damage, in multiples of 2, will reduce your loot by 10% (e.g., 4 Damage will reduce your loot by 20% and so on.)

Note: All players are expected to repair all damage before the end of each grading period. At that point any Damage may (and probably will) affect your grade.

Repair Shop open 24/7/365 

Currency Conversion

Loan Shark


You’ll receive income via quests and the 411. If you work hard and play by the rules you’ll earn plenty of gold.

If you don’t…

Choose wisely.

Current Prices


Time is Money

As previously mentioned, you earn income via quests and the 411. You also have the opportunity to earn extra loot by working in the Mac Lab before school, at nutrition break and lunch, after school (sometimes), and during Mac Lab Saturday School (an open lab one Saturday each month).

Because you’ll be self-assessing, it’s important that you understand that the Boss expects you to have done the work you’ve claimed to have done.

Penalties for false claims are typically loss of loot and double damage.


Time Vault

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Other Deals

Here are a few other items you might find of interest.

As always, the Boss is willing to listen to ideas for new merchandise for the Exchange.

Happy shopping.

Assorted Stuff

  • Print Refunds: See Boss


What else should be in The Exchange?

Boss Buffs for great suggestions.
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