First Growth

Unbidden, an idea arose. Unfortunately, or fortunately, as the case may be, the idea came far too early in my sleep cycle and demanded to preserved before it would allow me to return to sleep. So here we are.

The Idea Tree seems a clumsy title for a post but that’s what it named itself.

The kids need direction—scaffolding. Here’s a place to start. Oh, and here’s another, spoke the muse.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my muse. I just wish she’d have waited a few more hours. But there’s no use in complaining. Let’s get to it.

Flowing Wavy Lines

Here’s how it played out…


  1. Learn how to create a seamless pattern.
  2. Draw a series of vertical wavy lines—long, languid, flowing lines.
  3. Each is similar in form but none exactly alike.

That’s the nature of the pattern.

The first rendition of this idea had these qualities:

  • Each line varied in width (use Illustrator’s Width Tool).
  • Each line was black.
  • The gaps between the lines were filled with vibrant colors (with an occasional white space).

And then variations on this theme played out in my mind’s eye.

Tell that to the kids, the muse urged.

I looked at the clock, rolled over, and, ignoring the pad at the bedside, tried to get back to sleep.

If I’d only jotted a few notes she might have let me get back to sleep.

Mondrian Patterns

I think it was the colors between the black wavy lines that triggered this one.


  1. You now know how to create a seamless pattern.
  2. Create a Mondrian-inspired pattern.
  3. Create a collection of Mondrian-inspired patterns.
  4. Explore variations on this theme using only black and white.

I rolled over again. The muse began peppering me with other artists and other variations on this theme.

Kandinsky, Vasarely, Agam… It’s endless, she said. The kids need this information.

I got up. It’s written. Now, maybe I can get back to sleep…

Postscript: Got back to sleep for a couple of hours of very strange dreams and now I have the energy to share what else I found while looking at Piet Mondrian’s paintings. (Search and you’ll find many more variations on this theme. Some good. Some dreadful.)

Sources: Leggings | 3DVilla

Rapid Advancement

Explained in the Thursday, Week 19 411 video.


  • Music
  • 20% Time
  • Homework Pass

I’ll add more details as time permits.

Geometric Experiment

I had an idea…

Image Sources: One | Two

Pattern Primer

Since I promised this yesterday…

50 px Hex Grid

How to start your own iso-experiments. NEW STARTER FILE:

More Ideas Will Grow Here

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