Web Design

Requirements for First Semester Final

Build a Website in Flash and upload it to your Website. This tutorial will give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Please follow the new upload procedures. A functioning Preloader is required for any project over 100k. Penalties will be assessed for anyone using a fake preloader.

• Phase 1 is due Dec 9 (25% of grade)  Is your index.html constructed correctly?
• Phase 2 is due Dec 16 (25% of grade)  Optional Project: Workflow 2 Tutorial
• Phase 3 is due Jan 10 (50% of grade)  Optional Project: Digital Portfolio Tutorials (all 3)


Requirements for Second Progress Report -- Nov 16

Create a modified version of the Workflow Tutorial and upload it to your site
This should reflect your ability to create a five-page Website using Flash

If you need help, refer to the tutorials -- I expect you to be able to create this project on your own

• You may embed your swf in your index.html page or open your swf in a second, correctly-sized window
• Minimum of 5 custom buttons leading to 5 examples of Web pages
• Animated content (see tutorials for Motion Tweens, Animating PSDs, Trace Bitmap, Masking, etc)
• A clean timeline -- no animations in the Main Timeline

Want a suggestion? Redesign your interface! Make your project shine!

If you finish early (and are convinced your work cannot be improved) begin another project
Note: One well-crafted project is far, far better than two less refined projects -- think quality, not quantity)

No copyrighted music or images! (unless you have written permission to use)

Flash 8 Player Required – 1024 x 768 Minimum Resolution
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